Nurse-for-a-day Campaign


Hospitals can be a scary place for grownups, let alone children. Unfortunately, painful procedures must occur in order to heal. During these sad times, comfort and distraction are the most powerful tools to help face the fear and pain. An illness should not eliminate the joy in children’s lives. A child will be more at ease if they have a favourite toy, stuffed animal, art kit, or book.

This is why the nurses and doctors in pediatrics are raising funds for patient comfort items through the NURSE-FOR-A-DAY campaign. All five of the Pediatrician are volunteering to do a 12-hour nurse’s shift to help raise awareness of this fundraiser for their little patients.

dr duanne bulat

Dr. Duane Bulat

Dr. Duane Bulat is the third Pediatrician of the group to find his way to Prince Albert. He moved here with his wife from Edmonton in 2002, following in the footsteps of his school mates Dr. Ramji and Dr. Lambos. What was meant to be a one or two year job adventure has quickly become twenty years. Now four kids and one dog later, he proudly calls Prince Albert home. Dr. Bulat is particularly fond of the local lakes and outdoor experiences the area officers. He credits himself as both the heaviest and hairiest of the current Pediatric group. He enjoys biking, cross country skiing and still plays organized hockey despite an aging back and marginal talent.

Duane is excited to be able to participate in the “nurse of a day” fundraiser. He admires the dedication and compassion of his nurse colleagues and is proud to be able to call so many of them “friends”.

dr durussel

Dr. Michelle DuRussel

Dr. Michelle DuRussel grew up in the mining world of small town northern Manitoba and Northern Ontario. She did medical school in Ottawa and her Pediatric residency in Saskatoon. During her residency she did a rotation in Prince Albert where she had her first taste of practicing specialty medicine in a smaller town setting, and years later in 2010 she accepted the offer to join the team! She loves being able to enjoy northern country living on an acreage, while being able to commute to work in minutes!

Michelle’s most treasured role is that of mom to two incredibly active adolescents who keep her heart full to exploding every day. Michelle’s “happy place” is surrounded by family on their boat, and watering behind it, but she finds fulfillment year around immerses in various sporting/fitness pursuits. She also adores painting. Piano/singing and involvement with her faith community.

It truly takes a team to do what we do! Our nursing team is chronically short staffed, yet daily go above and beyond. They provide so much more than medical care to our patients – from nurturing/care/support/feeding to often instantly changing gears into emergency mode when critical illness presents… all the while experiencing the highs and lows of joy and grieving which comes as being part of the lives of the innocent. Michelle wishes to salute this team – her pediatric family – and looks forward to seeing the world through their eyes and all the lessons to come during her “day as a nurse”! All funds raised will be carefully directed to bring direct care and joy to the precious littles that we serve.

dr kozun

Dr. Brea Kozun

Dr. Brea Kozun, who most often just goes by Brea is one of five Pediatricians in Prince Albert.

She was born and raised in Prince Albert, and completed medical school and residency in Saskatoon. With a unique interest in intensive care and the inability to ever make her mind up, she moved back to Prince Albert in 2018 to join this group due to its ever evolving and challenging patient population.

She enjoys spending time at the lake outdoors with her husband, Phil, daughter, Eloise, and dog, Mackenzie.

She is very excited to be a nurse for a day to raise money for such a great cause, and has wanted to do this since the idea sprung to live in the intensive care in Edmonton.

dr peggy lambos

Dr. Peggy Lambos

Dr. Peggy Lambos has been a pediatrician here in Prince Albert for the last twenty three years. During this time she has helped guide the growth and development of the Pediatric unit. Dr. Lambos has always been a strong advocate for family centered care and the same quality care for all children regardless of their postal code. She has always pushed for education, best practices, and providing the least invasive treatments and procedures for her pediatric patients as well as safe and appropriate nursing care. Dr. Lambos is excited to take part in the ward’s “nurse for a day” fundraiser and learn the nurse’s role in caring for the children.

dr ramji

Dr. Ayaz Ramji

 Ayaz Ramji has been a pediatrician in Prince Albert for 24 years. He is charismatic, full of energy and enjoys making his patients smile.

When not at work, he enjoys biking, tennis and time with family and friends. Ayaz also has a heart for supporting his community and the little people he cares for. In 2021, he danced to raise awareness and funds for a local charity that helps to support children with critical medical needs. He very much looks forward to being a “Nurse for a day” and supporting the pediatric ward. The Nurses thing it will take some chocolate bribery to keep him on the ward for the FULL twelve hours.