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Mann Northway Supports Pediatrics

The Victoria Hospital Foundation is excited to announce a special donation to the kids at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert! The Car Guys at Mann Northway GMC unveiled two brand new mini battery operated trucks dedicated to the pediatric patients of the hospital.

The Victoria Hospital sees hundreds of children each year, through our pediatric, day surgery and mental health/family treatment units. The little trucks will provide our children with an opportunity to ‘drive’ to the operating room, play with them outside in the playground or enjoy a much-needed distraction while in the hospital receiving care and treatment. Enhancing the often-sterile medical environment in which children receive treatment when visiting the hospital is critical to helping them be less afraid of doctors and procedures as they grow up.

"Going to the hospital can be a scary experience for most of us. And for children, first impressions are often lasting impressions. We are so appreciative to the Car Guys @ Mann Northway for this clever and heartwarming donation to the children at the Victoria Hospital."
Sherry Buckler, VHF CEO

“This is such a rewarding experience to be involved in for all. The Car Guys understand that families go through tough challenges everyday and are just trying to put a few smiles on some young faces!”
Mark Ripley, GM Mann Northway GMC

Investing in Local Healthcare

Your generous donations will support the Victoria Hospital Foundation’s work, providing funds for specialized equipment, innovative patient care services and upgrading of facilities and replacement of out-dated equipment.


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The Victoria Hospital Foundation has as its mission to build awareness of and inspire investment in local health care and the well-being of the people of Prince Albert (SK) and surrounding communities.

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