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Malhotra NICU for the North receives gift from Kinsmen TeleMiracle

The Victoria Hospital Foundation is thrilled to announce an astounding gift of $181,615.00 from Kinsmen TeleMiracle towards a critical piece of equipment for the new Malhotra Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Victoria Hospital.  The funds will purchase a mobile DR X-ray imaging machine for the new neonatal intensive care unit, currently under construction.   The portable imaging system will be set up with software programs that will optimally image fragile or sick babies.  Newborn babies have specific considerations for imaging including low radiation doses and immediate image viewing capabilities, which this piece of equipment will provide.  The care team in our NICU will have the ability to view the images instantaneously.   This kind of bedside point of care is the future and prevents having to move the baby to another area of the hospital for imaging.  It also provides physicians precise and accurate imaging to guide them while intubating a very sick baby who is struggling to breathe.

“The Victoria Hospital Foundation would like to express our deep gratitude on behalf of Northern Saskatchewan for Kinsmen TeleMiracle’s commitment to improving the outcome of fragile babies born in our hospital. Every piece of technology needed for our new NICU will play a role in saving babies lives, and for that we are eternally grateful to Kinsmen TeleMiracle for making this generous gift.”

– Sherry Buckler, CEO, Victoria Hospital Foundation

“Thanks to the generosity of TeleMiracle donors, the Kinsmen Foundation’s Board of Directors was pleased to contribute to this vital piece of medical equipment. The NICU at the Victoria Hospital will improve the health outcomes for so many sick babies from the Prince Albert area and across northern Saskatchewan. This gift helps fulfill our mission of “Helping People Every Day.”

-Richard Kies, Executive Director, Kinsmen Foundation

In 2018, the Victoria Hospital Foundation launched a campaign to build and equip a new neonatal intensive care unit for our local hospital. Going from 350 to 4,000 square feet, the new unit is currently under construction and set to be complete late 2021. The fundraising goal to build and equip the NICU totals $4.75M, with just over $3M raised to date.

For more information please contact:

Sherry Buckler, CFRE
CEO | Victoria Hospital Foundation
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Kinsmen TeleMiracle
Richard Kies, Executive Director
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