Little Connor Was Born Not Breathing

There was fear and anxiety and so much excitement. We were going to become parents today, or so we thought. I was admitted into the hospital, but there were no signs that baby was ready for a speedy arrival. So we waited. But before long, there was the doctor, and there was baby.

The next part of the story is not as happy and exciting as most birth stories are. Our little baby boy was born without a heartbeat and he was not breathing. The nurses took him straight over to the warmer and they cared for him with such expertise. I know there were angels watching over him that day. They struggled to get air into his little lungs and within seconds, they were wheeling his lifeless body away. At that moment, fear set in and set in deep. Was he ok? Where are they taking him? What’s going on? The two nurses that were left with me made things seem to calm down. They were very reassuring and kind. I am so thankful for them.

IMG 9497I was then informed that my precious little boy had his cord wrapped around his neck. With each push, it was strangling him and caused him stress. He had inhaled meconium and it was just too much for his little lungs to endure. The nurses were able to get his heartbeat started again, but he was not breathing on his own. Miraculously, the paediatrician was nearby and she swung into action and had baby intubated very quickly.

The team of doctors and nurses had a plan for him- my baby Connor, and he was to be taken to Saskatoon NICU. Thankfully that the nursery at the Victoria hospital was relatively quiet and that the NICU team was able to get to our hospital in good time. Otherwise the outcome may have been different. We spent eight days in the NICU. The doctors, nurses, and all specialties worked miracles and they cared for Connor as well as us. We are so thankful for all of them.

Today, Mr. Connor is a healthy, crawling, drooling machine with four teeth, a beautiful laugh and our pride and joy. We owe so much to the team of doctors, nurses, specialists, Respiratory therapists, and medical equipment that was available that day. They all saved our baby’s life and for that, we are forever grateful. We were lucky that day but there are other stories that may not have turned out with a happy ending. Let’s work together and help other moms and newborns with the best space and equipment that they need right here at home.

Please donate to Give A Little Life Day so babies like mine can stay at home in Prince Albert.

Kayla Rowe & Family

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