Grace’s Lungs Weren’t Mature Yet

My daughter was born ten days overdue but had issues with her lungs and we were required to stay in the nursery for 16 days. Initially they thought she just had fluid in her lungs, but her oxygen levels kept dropping and she required a nurse to wiggle her so she would wake up and her levels would go back up.

Baby Harnett familyBasically, she had preemie lungs even though she was overdue! Eventually she was slowly weaned off oxygen and we got to take her home. Every single nurse and doctor that we dealt with were incredible! So helpful and patient with us as this was our first baby.

The Victoria Hospital nursery is in dire need of an upgrade! It was so tight for space and most of the equipment was being used while we were there. I don’t know how the nurses and doctors do it everyday. They are amazing!

I also had to learn how to breastfeed while sitting by Grace’s bassinet, basically in the middle of the room. The room was packed the first week we were there. It was stressful and gave me anxiety the first few days. After a few days, I stopped caring and just let it all hang out. It was just easier than trying to deal with all of the cords on Grace while getting her to latch and trying to stay covered up. There were other parents in there with their babies, and the nurses and doctors – the room was so full and busy!

Looking back, we remember how great the care was that we received and I am so honoured to have been asked to share my story for such a great cause. – Sarah Harnett