Our current nursery is a very cramped 357 square feet and provides care for newborns as early as 32 weeks gestation. It is only equipped to care for a maximum of 4 sick babies at a time, but is often overcapacity and has cared for as high as 11 newborns at once. Our staff and physicians are doing their very best, providing the care level of a Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) without the proper space to do it in. Moms struggle with breastfeeding or bond with their babies due to lack of space. Families are often prevented from meeting their new addition until they are released from hospital due to the cramped conditions and lack of privacy. Infection control issues are continually being managed.

In 2018, our Foundation was made aware of a previous health region plan to expand the Special Care Nursery at the Vic. The plans had been drawn and redrawn only to be halted. That same year, a space within the hospital recently become vacant (formerly laundry services). Our Foundation realized this was the opportune time and location and launched our most ambitious fundraising campaign in our history, to build a proper NICU for the North for our babies and mothers.

Launched in September 2018, our Foundation led the intensive campaign with the support of community members from all walks of life: mothers, fathers, business owners, First Nations communities, service clubs, local schools and churches, hospital staff members and corporations. The immense gift of nearly $1 million dollars from local obstetrician and pediatrician couple, Drs. Lalita and the late Tilak Malhotra completed our 2.2 million dollar campaign in February of 2019, only 6 short months after it’s start! An amazing feat of community solidarity and energy!

Our Foundation is proud to continue to champion such a critical and important initiative on behalf of our northern families and their newborns. Investing in the care of our babies and their mothers will continue to be one of our highest priorities. 

A vision of our future NICU


Critical Decisions Require Critical Equipment:

With a beautiful new space on the way, we do not have enough of or the right technology to equip our new 11 bed unit.  With time being of the essence, our Foundation is, once again, launching a capital campaign to raise an additional 2.5 million dollars to equip and furnish our new NICU, because we believe our children and mothers deserve the very best, as close to home as possible.

The mental and financial strain on families when they are forced to travel to Regina or Saskatoon with their sick babies, depletes the family of much needed energy and resources to cope with their little one’s journey back to health.   

State of the art equipment means our caregivers will have the highest quality tools they need to give these fragile babies the best care possible at our hospital. 


Investing in Local Healthcare

Your generous donations will support the Victoria Hospital Foundation’s work, providing funds for specialized equipment, innovative patient care services and upgrading of facilities and replacement of out-dated equipment.


Our Mission

The Victoria Hospital Foundation has as its mission to build awareness of and inspire investment in local health care and the well-being of the people of Prince Albert (SK) and surrounding communities.

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