Your Day, Your Hospital, Your Health!

“Give A Little Life Day” is undergoing a transformation!

Have you ever needed our hospital?  Maybe you’ve had a knee replaced, been seen in our Emergency Room, spent time in our cast clinic or the eye suite, had a colonscopy in our endoscopy unit, or welcomed a new baby in our obstetrics ward.  Maybe you’ve had a mammogram, or needed blood work in our laboratory, or needed a CT scan during an emergency.  Chances are your medical team utilized equipment and technology that was purchased by our generous donors.   This Give A Little Life Day and subsequent ones will be a celebration of what our hospital means to us in times of need while raising money to support the most urgent equipment needs throughout our hospital. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that excellent healthcare, as close to home as possible, is critical.  Your donations this year will support the most urgent and greatest needs of a very busy and very stretched hospital during a most difficult time in healthcare.  We cannot imagine anything more important than our health, and we know you feel the same. 

Join us at the Mann Northway drive through (and on all three Pattison media stations) on December 3rd, 6AM to 6PM as we raise money for your hospital.  Help us shape healthcare in our community. 

It’s Your Day.  It’s Your Hospital.  It’s Your Health.


My name is Dr. James Harris. Over my career, I have served in several roles in medical and hospital governance locally and provincially. I was born in Prince Albert and have been a Family Physician here since 1983.

I am writing this note because I owe my life to the incredible staff at Victoria Hospital and to you, the generous donors who purchased equipment that saved me. 

On December 14, 2020 I tested COVID-19 positive, likely from contact with a COVID patient. I expected I would have a mild disease but without warning my condition very suddenly and drastically worsened. On December 20th I was admitted to the ICU at Victoria Hospital. My family was in a constant state of fear that I might not survive and around Christmas day, they were told that they should come to say goodbye to me because there was concern that I would not live through the day. I remained on a life support ventilator for 25 days.

Miraculously, I started to improve and I recovered enough to be extubated and transferred to the Covid ward in the Victoria Hospital where I spent another month. I was finally discharged home on February 16, 2021.

As I reflect on my ordeal, the Victoria Hospital functions so well because of the people who work there. Hospital care is truly a team effort from admitting and discharge staff, ward clerks, dietary, cleaning staff, maintenance, IT, pharmacy, imaging, lab, respiratory technicians, medical records, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, doctors, and others I have probably overlooked. The current Covid pandemic has put a strain on all of these people.

Moreover, I have developed a new appreciation of how important our local hospital is vital for our community. Prince Albert is not the size of Saskatoon or Regina, which both inherently have more advanced technology. But I recognized that it is the generous donations from our community that allow the Victoria Hospital Foundation to even the playing field. One of the main reasons our excellent staff can deliver the kind of care that I received, is because of the gifts from people like you, that help put the right tools in their hands. Tools such as monitors, pumps, beds, diagnostic equipment, and more.

Most won’t pay much attention to our local hospital until it impacts them personally and directly. While we all hope that it isn’t the case, the reality is that almost all of us will one day need what Victoria Hospital can provide either for ourselves or for our loved ones. I would encourage everyone who can, to support this year’s Give a Little Life Day campaign through a donation to the Victoria Hospital Foundation. Thank you for supporting our hospital, our staff, and patients like me.


Dr. James Harris, physician and grateful patient

Investing in Local Healthcare

Your generous donations will support the Victoria Hospital Foundation’s work, providing funds for specialized equipment, innovative patient care services and upgrading of facilities and replacement of out-dated equipment.


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The Victoria Hospital Foundation has as its mission to build awareness of and inspire investment in local health care and the well-being of the people of Prince Albert (SK) and surrounding communities.

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